The Clinic is well equipped, with spacious but comfortable treatment rooms, a large reception area and a modern digital radiography (x-ray) facility. Parking is free.
X-rays can be taken and developed in just a few minutes, so there is no unnecessary delay in starting a treatment programme if x-rays are required for diagnostic purposes.

Our digital X-ray facilities help in the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions.


Chiropractors specialise in the treatment of musculo-skeletaldisorders, particularly those of the spine, as these can have great effect on the nervous system and on health in general.

This means that they don't treat bones so much as the joint structure, which includes the muscles and ligaments as well as the effect that spinal pain and irritation can have on the nervous system.

Chiropractic is effective in treating a wide range of problems. Everyone knows that we treat back pain! But did you know that we can also treat some types of headache, shoulder pain and stiffness, foot problems and in fact ALL joint related pain and stiffness, even if you have degenerative arthritis/ spondylosis? 

In the long clinical experience of Kevin Correll (Chiropractor) many patients that have been treated with chiropractic techniques for their neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions have reported a remarkable improvement in symptoms.

Steve Kippax has joined the team as a highly regarded practitioner of Herbal Medicine and a skilled acupuncturist.

Virginia can help and advise on a whole range of nutritional problems and sensitivities/allergies.